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Thank you for checking us out, if you’re new to trading and investing or seeking to improve your skill set and want to join a community of like-minded people, then membership of The Nimble Trader might well be what you’re looking for.  

We’ve put together an in-depth educational and support package that’s great value and can on occasions be entertaining as well. Please do take a few minutes to read what we offer and what the benefits to you will be. 

Our aim is to help you develop your own trading and investing style, so you can make all your own decisions and not be reliant on anybody else. 

Our website is designed to help you make money for yourself, by highlighting tried and tested trading and investing strategies and to save you money by flagging up the common mistakes we all seem to make when we start out. 

  • First and foremost, it’s all designed to help you make money by highlighting tried and tested trading and investing techniques, and to hopefully save you money by flagging up the common mistakes we all make when we start out. Our aim is to help you develop your own trading and investing style so you’re not reliant on anybody else, and to keep you safe and on the ‘straight and narrow’ if you’re brand new to trading and investing.
  • The Nimble Trader is an entertaining and educational membership site that’s more like a private members club, it’s run by nice people for nice people, with lots of useful features, benefits and strategies and gives you access to friendly experienced traders and investors.

Why should you join us?

We’re a couple of calm, laid back, highly experienced private investors, who between us in the early days made just about every trading and investing mistake in the book. We’ve traded through good and bad times, Bull and Bear markets, faced extreme volatility and both lost and made large amounts of money whilst learning our craft.

There’s a lot of pretentious clap trap talked about the Stock Market, we’ll show you how to cut through all the nonsense and become a Nimble Trader yourself.

Between us we’ve over twenty five years market
experience that we’d like to share with you

  • We help you make money by showing you well thought out ideas and strategies.
  • We provide you with a ‘library’ of tutorials and articles on investing and trading.
  • We explain in detail, how we personally do fundamental analysis in a nimble way so we can quickly and easily value companies, take a view on future share prices, ascertain how safe a dividend payment is likely to be, evaluate if bankruptcy is likely or if the accounts have been manipulated. Why we never buy companies that are either too cheap or to expensive and much, much, more.
  • We explain in detail how we look at our charts, to spot and trade likely upward price momentum, using pivot points, moving averages and breakouts and how we manage the trades in a nimble way to minimise risk.
  • We show you how we take our own view of how Bullish or Bearish we are on the UK market, or any individual company, fund or market sector, in three time frames, short, medium and long term.
  • We help save you money by highlighting the common and uncommon mistakes to avoid.
  • We offer you support because trading and investing is a lonely and somewhat daunting business, particularly when you’re new to it.
  • We provide daily market reports of our take on the UK stock market, sent direct to your inbox.
  • We share with you the results from our two Nimble Model Portfolios, our aim being not to tell you what you should do, but to show you what can be done.
  • We encourage you to contact us when you have a query but do bear in mind, that we can’t give personal investment advice. Other than that, don’t be shy, no question is too silly to ask.
  • Most of our content is provided in three formats. Articles, podcasts and videos, the idea being to make it as easy as possible for you to fit membership of The Nimble Trader into your own busy life.


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